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Ion Control Desk 1K, 1024 Outputs [4310A1012]

Výrobca: ETC

The ease, power and operational style of larger Eos®-family products in a small, affordable package. Ion's compact footprint - only 19" wide- is the perfect solution for space-challenged environments and small venues. Providing fully integrated control of media servers and conventional, LED, and moving lights, Ion® packs a punch. Highly intuitive and simple to use, Ion will satisfy the needs of beginners and pros alike. But you don't need a PhD in Ion to use it! Start with the everyday (channel 5 at full) and let the full potential of Ion - like the powerful effects package, marking and timing functions - unfold with your experience. And it's an easy step from Ion to Gio® or Eos Ti™, so the knowledge gained will work for you professionally for years to come. - 1,024 to 6,144 outputs, upgradeable in 512 increments - 16,000 Channels, 10,000 Cues, 999 Cue Lists, 999 Submasters - 4×1000 Palettes (Intensity, Focus, Color, Beam) - 1000 Presets (all palette), 1000 Groups, 1000 Effects (relative, absolute or step), 1000 Macros - Supports two external DVI monitors or one Display Port monitor at 1280x1024 minimum resolution or multi-touch screen control - Solid-state hard drive - USB ports for flash drives, pointing devices, keyboards - 2 DMX-512 Ports (RDM ready) - Ethernet (ETCNet2™, Net3™,Artnet and Avab UDP output protocols) - Contact Closure triggers via D-Sub connector - Two DVI connectors support two external DVI displays(1280x1024) with optional touch- or multi-touch screen control - One Display Port connector - Seven multipurpose USB ports - Phone Remote - Net 3 Radio Focus Remote - MIDI In/Out (Timecode, Show Control) - Additional MIDI Timecode, Show Control through Gateway - SMPTE Timecode through Gateway - Additional contact closure (12 analog inputs, 12 SPDT contact outputs, RS-232) through Gateway - One eSATA port - Dimensions (H×W×D): 132×455×462 mm) - Weight: 9,3kg (Shipping: 10,6kg)

Hmotnost: 9,30 kg

Kategorie RP 9
Cena: Dotaz
Stav zásob:1 ks


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