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SHARPY Wash 330 PC [CP C61379]

Výrobca: CLAY PAKY

A special lens for a special version The standard version of the award-winning Sharpy Wash is fitted with a Fresnel lens. The Sharpy Wash PC, with plano-convex lens, was created for those who want a uniform wash light, but at the same time prefer a more penetrating light with more pronounced edges. From the effects point of view, the Sharpy Wash PC is identical to the standard version: full CMY color mixing, special colors, mechanical dimmer, a rotating beam shaper, two frost shades and a motorized top hat. However, with the PC lens, the zoom only varies from 7° to 43°. This is a slightly narrower range, but with a higher light output, especially at wide angles. The compact, lightweight, quiet and fast Sharpy Wash PC is eco-friendly, with a comparable mechanical, lighting and graphics performance to a 1000 watt light. It is ideal for lighting designers and rental companies, since they can include a lot of lights in a project without increasing investments. They also benefit in terms of consumption and operating costs. - 330 watt lamp (8000 K, 1500 hours). - Plano-convex lens for a less pronounced wash effect. - Light output comparable to a 1000 watt light. - Compact and lightweight: only 18.5 kg (40.8 lbs). - Motorized zoom from 7° to 43°. - Motorized top hat which comes out with the zoom (Clay Paky patent). - CMY color mixing + 11 color wheel + white. - Rotating and indexable Beam-shaper - High -speed movments and effects - Frosted smooth mechanical dimmer - High-speed Stop/Strobe - Soft-edge + "heavy" frost filters - Patented Italian Design - Available in the following colors: black, white, gold and chrome-plated - Dimensions (H×W×D): 465(max. 520)×405×345 mm (18.3×15.94×13.58 in) - Weight: 18,5 kg (40.8 lbs) LAMP SOURCE Discharge lamp with a short arc burner in a reflector system - Output lamp power: 330W - Color temperature: 8,000 K - Nominal luminous flux: 15,000 lm - Average rated life: 1,500 h

Hmotnost: 18,50 kg

Kategorie RP 5.SV
Cena: Dotaz
Stav zásob:Dotaz


FastFit Bracket for Sharpy [CP C61191]
Foam Shell for Sharpy Wash 330 [CP F21228]
Roxter-case (+4 foam shells) for 4 Sharpy Wash 330 [F21245]

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