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SVETLO \ Rotačné hlavy \ Wash

A.leda WASH K5 [CP C61401]

Výrobca: CLAY PAKY

A.LEDA WASH K5 is the smallest model in the A.LEDA Series, featuring incredibly extra-speed PAN/TILT movements and a 12° beam angle. It is fitted with multicolor RGBW LEDs, that produce a full range of vivid colors as well as excellent shades of white. Each color of each LED may be controlled separately: this unique feature not only allows you to create an endless range of color variations, but also to use each LED of the array as a pixel in order to draw all kinds of graphic images that change dynamically both in shape and color. To ease operation, the light has a library of pre-programmed graphic effects, which operators may customise by changing each parameter: intensity of each color, speed of change, etc. - Light source: 7x15 W RGBW LEDs - Rated light output: 2,100 lumen - Each LED color can be dynamically and individually controlled - 12° beam angle - 0-100% linear dimmer on a dedicated channel - Stop/strobe effect, with instantaneous blackout - Extremely compact and light-weight for its power class - Silent operation - Very quick linear 540° pan and 270° tilt movements - New design high performance electronics - Modular construction for easy maintenance - Long-life auto-charging buffer battery - Preset color and graphic effect macros - Ethernet ready - Input: Powercon Neutrik - Control channels: 19 basic channels + 21 RGB pixel-mapping channels - Dimension (H×W×D): 374(max. 381)×320×253 mm) - Weight: 7,5 kg (16,5 lbs)

Hmotnost: 7,50 kg

Kategorie RP 5.SV
Cena: 70 000,00 Kč
(84 700,00 Kč s DPH)
Stav zásob:Dotaz

Kalkulace EXPRES financování

EUROLEASING CZ - splátky 0% navýšenie
Cena tovaru v Kč (bez DPH)70 000,- Kč
Sadzba DPH21%
Cena tovaru v Kč (s DPH)84 700,- Kč s DPH
počet splátekplatba předem 30%splátka v Kč
4 splátky25 410,- Kč14 823,- Kč
5 splátok25 410,- Kč11 858,- Kč
6 splátky25 410,- Kč9 882,- Kč
9 splátky25 410,- Kč6 588,- Kč
12 splátok25 410,- Kč4 941,- Kč
24 splátek25 410,- Kč2 470,- Kč
36 splátek25 410,- Kč1 647,- Kč
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Foam Shell for A.leda Wash K5 [CP F21225] Cena: 2 520,00 Kč
(3 049,20 Kč s DPH)
Roxter-case (+6 foam shells) for 6 A.leda Wash K5 [CP F21240] Cena: 22 960,00 Kč
(27 781,60 Kč s DPH)

Doporučené produkty

Cena: 168 000,00,- Kč
(203 280,00,- Kč s DPH)
Cena: 78 400,00,- Kč
(94 864,00,- Kč s DPH)
Cena: Dotaz