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Cobalt Nomad, 1024 Outputs [4370A1040]

Výrobca: ETC

Lighting control wherever you want to go Hopping from gig to gig and can't bring your console with you? Doing the lighting in a theater whose desk has seen better days? That's where Nomad™ control comes in. Small enough to fit on your keychain, Nomad plugs into your computer and opens up the power of both Cobalt® and Eos®/Element™ software, so you can program and run shows anywhere. Nomad can serve as a primary controller, a backup or a client device - or work offline entirely - operating on either a PC platform running Microsoft Windows® 7/8, or natively on a Mac (Intel processor) running OS X (Mavericks). When it's a primary or a backup, Nomad's system output equals that of the device with the lowest number of outputs. When it's a client, Nomad's output capacity is ignored. There are five output counts to choose from: Nomad 256 (1/2 universe), Nomad 512 (512 outputs), Nomad 1024 (1024 outputs) and Nomad 1536 (1536 outputs) - which can be field-upgraded without any hardware changes - and Nomad 2048 (2048 outputs). Nomad communicates via Ethernet-based lighting protocols Net3™/ACN/sACN and ArtNet, or with the ETC Gadget™ USB-to-DMX converter (at this time, Nomad supports only one connected Gadget). RDM is supported via Net3 Gateways. NOTE: Nomad does not support ETC Net2 protocol. Just wing it. When Nomad is connected to a PC, it can support a fader wing, giving you even more capacity to work with. And for both Cobalt and Eos systems, you can use your favorite ETC accessories - like the RFR (Radio Focus Remote) and iRFR and aRFR mobile apps for Apple® and Android® devices. Nomad also plays well with OSC (Open Sound Control) controllers, and when running the Cobalt application, supports connection to third-party USB-MIDI panels via Direct MIDI. Nomad's functionality comes from the application in use. To find out what features are supported and to see user-interface descriptions, check out the Cobalt, Eos-family and Element documentation. Features: - Computer-based lighting control software; compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Macintosh OS X Mavericks - Can run both Eos/Element and Cobalt software - Available in 256, 512, 1024, 1536 and 2048 outputs - Serves as primary, backup or client and can be used offline - Net3/ACN/sACN and ArtNet output, DMX via ETC Gadget and DMX/RDM via Net3 Gateways - RFR, iRFR and aRFR supported - Nomad 256 replaces the Eos and Cobalt Client Software Kit

Kategorie RP 5SV
Cena: 50 400,00 Kč
(60 984,00 Kč s DPH)
Stav zásob:Dotaz

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EUROLEASING CZ - splátky 0% navýšenie
Cena tovaru v Kč (bez DPH)50 400,- Kč
Sadzba DPH21%
Cena tovaru v Kč (s DPH)60 984,- Kč s DPH
počet splátekplatba předem 30%splátka v Kč
4 splátky18 295,- Kč10 672,- Kč
5 splátok18 295,- Kč8 538,- Kč
6 splátky18 295,- Kč7 115,- Kč
9 splátky18 295,- Kč4 743,- Kč
12 splátok18 295,- Kč3 557,- Kč
24 splátek18 295,- Kč1 779,- Kč
36 splátek18 295,- Kč1 186,- Kč
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Cena: 48 440,00,- Kč
(58 612,40,- Kč s DPH)
Cena: 48 440,00,- Kč
(58 612,40,- Kč s DPH)
Cena: 48 440,00,- Kč
(58 612,40,- Kč s DPH)